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-====== Getting started ======+==== Welcome to the OpenKJ documentation wiki ====
-  * Log in as **admin** and start your wiki! +Here you will find documentation for the various open source programs released by the OpenKJ Project. 
-  * Refer to the [[https://​​dokuwiki|TurnKey DokuWiki release notes]] + 
-  ​* ​[[wiki:​syntax|Wiki Syntax]] +=== OpenKJ Hosting Software === 
-  ​* ​[[wiki:​dokuwiki|Local DokuWiki documentation]] + 
-  ​* ​[[doku>​manual|The official DokuWiki manual]]+[[Getting Started]]\\ 
 +[[Audio Settings - Karaoke]]\\ 
 +[[Audio Settings - Break Music]]\\ 
 +[[Video Settings]]\\ 
 +[[Network Settings]] 
 +If you are an experienced user of the software and would like to contribute documentation,​ please email [email protected] and we'll get an account setup for you.
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