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Audio Settings - Break Music

Audio output device

The audio output device that break music audio will be sent to. On Windows, you will only see the “Default” option due to a limitation in the GStreamer library OpenKJ uses for media playback. On Windows, you will need to control audio output via the Windows audio settings in the OS. Due to this limitation, you can not separate karaoke and break music audio to separate sound output devices on Windows platforms.


If enabled, stop and pause operations will gracefully fade the break music volume out and in rather than just abruptly halting audio output. This also fades out the current song before playing the next if you manually play another song before the current one ends.

Silence detection

If enabled, break music playback will automatically skip to the next song if the software detects silence at the end of an audio track. This helps prevent dead air if you have a song which has a large silent period at the end of the track.

Downmix to mono

If enabled, stereo audio tracks will be converted to mono prior to being output to the audio device. This is handy in situations where you only have one PA speaker setup, your mixer doesn't support stereo, or your speakers aren't positioned in a traditional stereo configuration due to odd venue/stage layouts.

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