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Network Settings

Use request server

If enabled, use a request server for incoming song requests. Currently this is only useful if you're using the OpenKJ Songbook service to allow singers to search for and submit songs via the web. API documentation is coming soon which will allow people to write their own implementations if they have the requisite web development skills.

Server URL

The URL to use for the request server. This shouldn't be changed from the default if you are using the OpenKJ songbook service.

Ignore HTTPS certificate errors

If set, OpenKJ will ignore any SSL errors it encounters while connecting to the requests server. This should theoretically never be needed when using the official OpenKJ songbook service, as it is using a valid SSL cert. This will generally only be useful to people who host their own request server using self-signed certs.

API key

The API key that is associated with your account on the OpenKJ Songbook service.

System ID

You will only need to change this if you are using OpenKJ Songbook with multiple system entitlements for a multi-rig operation. Each system should be set to a unique system ID so that it can maintain its own unique database on the server without affecting other systems.


How often, in seconds, to check the request server for new incoming requests.

Test button

Will test and validate that your server settings and API key are good.

Check for updates on startup

Whether or not the program will check for newer versions on startup, and whether to check for new stable releases or new development/unstable releases.

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